02 April 2009

PUNCH Expert Leads the Way With Emerging Media

PUNCH is known for its creative design work on behalf of its largely Richmond- based clientele. It is now expanding its marketing options for clients utilizing the newest emerging media tools available. Kendall Morris is a specialist in all its forms. As PUNCH’s resident expert, she will help clients integrate social marketing tools like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter into their company’s marketing plans. Kendall’s specialized expertise will add value to all the services PUNCH provides for its clients. In addition to working for PUNCH, Kendall is the CEO of her own company and has been featured on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch. 

Kelly Adams, managing partner at PUNCH, says, “Our business has evolved from a predominantly print-based design firm to a design firm that provides top drawer artwork in a variety of media applications. Emerging Media is the new frontier and PUNCH likes to be at the forefront of business trends. Richmond businesses can get a larger piece of the market share using these new tools, and Kendall has the knowledge and experience to work with our clients on these exciting new applications. We are pleased to have her as part of our team.”

In tough economic times, businesses need to work differently and sometimes harder in order to be successful. The old rules of advertising are changing rapidly and these new options make it easier for the little guy to compete with the behemoths. It is no longer all about having the most expensive ad space for TV or print. It is about engaging customers in ways that add value to their lives. These connections need to be built and emerging media allows businesses to do just that. 

PUNCH specializes in high-end graphic design, corporate identity development, advertising, brand development and renovation, strategic marketing planning, multimedia design, and illustration. The firm’s clients include WellPoint, Richmond Ballet, Virginia Commonwealth University, and TerraForge Communities. For more information about PUNCH, please visit www.theartofimpact.com.